Rested Tequila Hijos de Villa
Distinction and originality in their presentations, the Rifle and the Pistol along with the Bullet, are certified by the highest Mexican authority, the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT).

Rested Tequila Hijos de Villa

Packaging that remembers the Mexican pride, registered in Mexico and the world with a three-dimensional design in the shape of a squad gun.
  • Presented in an original demonstration case, it includes a pair of horses and a bench for exhibition
  • Box: 200 ml X 12 of Tequila Reposado Hijos de Villa
Distinction and originality in its presentation.
Tequila made with blue agave, we make Hijos de Villa a numbered edition product. Tequila with designation of origin, distillates rested in Jalisco, land of blue Agave, certified by the highest authority, the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT).
  • VIEW: Transparent liquid of bright straw yellow
  • NOSE: Classic, soft and delicate aroma, characteristic of tequila, slightly sweet, with fresh nuances of agave and dried fruits ..
  • MOUTH: On the palate you can see its exquisite strength, and a pleasant characteristic flavor of agave and the slight sweetness that comes from Honeys, adorned with the taste of nuts. Not bitter, not astringent, not acidic. The characteristic flavor is appreciated, that provides the time of rest in barrel
Consumption suggestions
  • Ideal as a snack
  • Classic ingredient of the daisy
  • Combined with cola or grapefruit soda, ice, a little lemon and a pinch of salt


Original Rifle and Bullet-shaped containers reminiscent of the Bravío Pride of Mexican.
Contains 750 ml of Reposado Hijos de Villa Tequila in a 12-piece box.
Distinction and originality in his presentation of Rifle, Pistol and Bullet. Presentations created to commemorate the 55th Anniversary of Veracruz Liquors.
We make Hijos de Villa an original product with elaborated Tequila with blue agave and designation of origin.