Mezcal "Divino" White and Restful Cask Only
Mezcal "Divino" White and Restful Cask Only. It is a 100% Mexican seal of the Licores Veracruz company that with its fifth generation working the art of mezcal, diversifies and enhances its DIVINO brand.

Mezcal "Divino" White and Restful Cask Only

It is a 100% Mexican Seal of the Liquor Company Veracruz that with its Fifth Generation Working the Art of Mezcal, Diversifies and Enlarges Its Divine Brand
The Divine name recreates a tribute to the majesty and leadership of the pre-Hispanic peoples, a recognition to ancient Mexico, to its Aztec warriors and gods, pillars of our homeland.
The icons of the White Divine Artisanal Mezcal label reflect the process of making and meaning of mezcal. First the power of fire is reflected, with the cooking of the heart of the agave, the initial stage of this craft drink. For his part, the sun and the moon staged at the top, represent the passage of time, the cycles of sowing and harvesting, the becoming of day and night, primordial periods in the development and life of an agave plant. In fact, around the sun and moon, the smoke from the cooking process is found, the mouths underline the smoky flavor of mezcal, main feature of this one. Meanwhile, the falling drops epitomize the distilled mezcal. The jaguars of the label, evoke the great character of this drink, remember that the jaguar is one of the most important symbols and animals in Mesoamerica. Finally, the symbols of speech and / or communication found on the label refer to that mezcal speaks for itself, tells stories, in each drink one can realize all the elements that make it they constitute, time, nature, type of maguey, the human hand and the mysticism of this drink.
CATA's notes:
  • VIEW: In pure, crystalline, transparent and bright mezcal; carefully crafted with 100% sprat agave selected. Distilled in Matatlán, Oaxaca, the capital of mezcal. Each bottle is numbered and dated by hand. Certified by the Mezcal Regulatory Council.
  • NOSE: We find the delicate balance of the traditional aromas characteristic of sprat agave, gently herbal.
  • MOUTH: The palate is fresh, delicate and light, with permanence until the end. Offers an exquisite balance between notes smoked and minerals that evoke their land.

Mezcal Artisanal "Divino" Restful Cask Only

  • Limited edition of 1000 to 1300 pieces per lot
  • Bottle numbered and dated by hand
  • Unique Barrel System
  • Repossessed in old white oak barrels more than double the time than indicated in the Official Mexican Standard
  • Carefully crafted with 100% Agave Espadín Selected
  • Distilled in Matatlán, Oaxaca
  • Certified by the Mezcal Regulatory Council
  • Box with 6 bottles of 750 ml at 40% Alc. Vol
  • VIEW: Liquid with a golden hue, transparent and bright, full-bodied and slowly draining from the glass.
  • NOSE: Fresh and delicate balance of traditional agave aromas, gently herbal with floral notes, smoky aromas and minerals that evoke your land.
  • MOUTH: Exquisite Mezcal Oaxaqueño, reminiscent of ripe and cooked agave.
Its entry has character, with fresh, herbal, smoky and slightly mineral notes. Depth, balance and final permanence.