Cafka Coffee Liqueur
From the land of Veracruzano Coffee by tradition, we make this Liquor with selected grains and a slow and careful process.

Cafka Coffee Liqueur Premium

100% natural.

Made with our natural extract of selected coffee bean of Arabica variety grown in the misty forests of the central mountainous region of Veracruz.

From the traditional Tierra del Café, “Cafka” is obtained through a slow and careful process, which ensures its high quality with a perfect and unique balance between flavor and sweetness.

"Cafka" is obtained by infusion, maceration, extract and distillation of the grain of Arabic coffee, assembled with high quality rum
  • VIEW: Bright brown drink, high density and excellent body
  • NOSE: Pleasant and exquisite aroma characteristic of natural coffee adorned with caramel notes
  • MOUTH: Extraordinary natural coffee flavor, balance between flavor and sweetness, pleasant to the palate and permanently inviting you to continue tasting it
Consumer Suggestions:
  • Ideal digestive
  • Essential ingredient in cocktails to prepare Black Russian and Angel's Kiss
  • Used in pastry, bakery and ice cream topping
  • Taste it alone, on the rocks or mixed in the cocktail of your choice