Gluttony Information Mexico City.- If you are one of those connoisseurs who loves the world of rum, we have good news for you, the prestigious London magazine Drinks International released its list of The 22 Rums to Buy in 2022 , to recommend rums from high range that he considers to be the best rums in the world. The ranking was prepared by Ian Buxton and included Ron Mocambo 20 years Edición Arte, a multi-award-winning Mexican rum, originally from Córdoba Veracruz, made by the Mexican company Licores Veracruz . From 2012 to 2015, Ron Mocambo 20 Years Art Edition was considered the best rum in the world , in its category. That achievement gave rise to Mexican rum, so we invite you to learn about its history. Its first edition was released to the public in 2004, since then it has conquered audiences in 30 countries, including the United States, England, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Andorra, Ukraine, South Africa, Belgium, France, Austria and Lebanon. to name a few. It is considered by the Mexican Enological Group as a unique rum with a refined character and smooth flavor. Matured and selected by expert tasters, it is an exclusive drink for collectors.

Licores Veracruz, 70 years of promoting Mexican rum

Licores Veracruz has been promoting Mexican rum for more than 70 years, creating the best high-end, Premium and Ultra Premium rums that have won the most important international recognition. In addition to producing standard rums, excellent for cocktails. All its categories are very well received in 30 countries. For Pedro Villa, representative of Licores Veracruz, the current recognition of Ron Mocambo 20 Años Edición Arte , by Drinks International magazine, “It is a very important distinction, because it shows the international impact that Mexican rum has, by being present among the best rums in the world. In this way, new audiences will be able to get to know Mexico as a great producer of high-end rums and excellent quality”. It should be noted that Licores Veracruz produces 40 beverage brands including rums, mezcals, tequilas and liqueurs. On the other hand , we can say that Drinks International is a magazine with an important trajectory, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, belongs to an editorial group that throughout its history has gained respect and trust, so its articles and Beverage listings, wines, spirits, and beers, are significant in the global marketplace. The magazine is aimed at international beverage buyers, in each issue the editorial team investigates business news, market reports and provides specialized analysis of the different beverage sectors, from different countries. Regarding the trajectory of the author, from the list of rums that we mentioned, we can comment that Ian Buxton has been working in the beverage industry for 30 years, writes in a variety of commercial and consumer media in the United Kingdom, in addition to write in other countries. He is the author of 5 books on drinks, in which he has explored gin, whiskey and rum. In fact, he has a book called The 101 Rums You Must Know Before You Die.

Ron Mocambo among the best rums in the world for its flavor and bottle design

Ron Mocambo 20 years art
In addition to its exquisite flavor, Ron Mocambo 20 Years Art Edition presents a unique work of art in each bottle, with copyright registration. The design pays homage to Olmec art, a pre-Hispanic people that was of great importance in Veracruz. The bottle is elegantly decorated with amate fibers, combining pre-Columbian technique with contemporary art. The concept is the work of the plastic artist Víctor Fernández with the collaboration of Don José Villanueva, general director of Licores Veracruz.
    • Stellar Packaging and Packaging Award 2007 awarded by the Mexican Association of Packaging and Packaging AC
    • World Star Award granted in 2007 by the WPO (World Packaging Organization) in Athens, Greece.
Ron Mocambo 20 años Edición de Arte was first presented to the public in 2004, from its birth it was of outstanding quality for specialists and in a short time it became the best rum in the world in its category, according to the strict jury of the International Taste Institute (iTQi) in Brussels, Belgium. This institution, each year, convenes the most relevant blind tasting at an international level. There you measure who is who in the world of drinks and food. iTQi results are expected by more than 131 countries. The impact of its results is as if they were the Oscars of Gastronomy. When a drink or food is truly extraordinary, it deserves the highest score of 3 gold stars. When they do not have that level, they take observations, 1 star and up to 2 gold stars. In the case of Ron Mocambo 20 years Art Edition, he won 3 gold stars each year, in the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 iTQi tastings The iTQi jury is made up of 200 chefs and sommeliers from the most prestigious institutions in the international gastronomic sector, several with Michelin stars and critics of the prestigious Gault et Millau guide; They are the ones who evaluate drinks and food in its purest form and with a very strict protocol, they cannot talk to each other. Of the foods and drinks that they will analyze, they will not be able to know the name of the product, nor from which country they originate; in the case of drinks, they will not see the bottles either, to avoid subjective or quick judgments. The drink is served in a transparent glass and is tasted with natural lighting, in accordance with the 5 international criteria of hedonic sensory analysis (AFNOR XP V096A standards): first impression, vision, smell, taste and final sensation.

Ron Mocambo Tasting Notes 20 years Art Edition

    • View: Very attractive appearance with a beautiful and deep amber color with golden and bright reflections. It has a great body and slow drainage when served.
    • Nose: Deep, clean and complex aromas. With notes of vanilla and dried fruits such as raisins, figs, dates, hazelnuts, walnuts and toasted almonds. We also find notes of coffee, chocolate, tobacco, oak, alcohol and a subtle touch of wood.
    • Mouth: It is a round and well-structured rum, which provides an explosion of flavor on the mid-palate. High quality rum with rich, balanced, refreshing and lively flavors. Authentic in its style.
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